The mission of this ministry is to keep the body of believers in regular touch with one another by demonstrating care and providing services needed. Participation in this ministry is open to anyone who is willing to serve in any of the following areas: providing meals, visiting in homes or hospitals, sending cards, bulletins, or notes of encouragement.

If you are in need of our care programs, please read below on what is offered or call (801) 568-9515 for more information.


Outreach Programs

Here are some services that Beacon Bible Church offers.

  • Food Pantry is at 12:30pm on Sundays and 6pm on Thursday nights for anyone who needs food.  There is no sign up required.
  • Outreach Dinner is once every couple months. See the events page for scheduled dates/times. Free hosted dinner and access to the food pantry to take home food afterwards.
  • Good News Club is Thursdays after school at Beacon Bible Church. It is a childrens’ evangelism for K through 6th grade. It is fellowship, fun and free prizes!

If you have a need that is not mentioned, please contact us.