Mission and philosophy

The mission of this ministry is to keep the body of believers in regular touch with one another by demonstrating care and providing services needed. Participation in this ministry is open to anyone who is willing to serve in any of the following areas: providing meals, visiting in homes or hospitals, sending cards, bulletins, or notes of encouragement.

The most important aspect of our church is to produce believers who are disciples. A disciple is a growing Christian who is becoming more like Christ by the study of God’s Word, prayer, fellowship, witnessing and Godly living.

The Senior Pastor’s role is to give direction, train leaders, teach and preach the Word of God and be a model disciple. Lay leader’s role is to model discipleship in their own lives and homes, grow in their ministry skills and equip the rest of the congregation for ministry.

Church members are commited to growing as disciples, indentifiying and making use of his or her spiritual gifts, and are empowered by the Holy Spirit to minister to both Christians and non-Christians.